Avi Love and Selena Stone reading erotic stories

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Avi Love and her best friend Selena Stone spend the afternoon reading erotic stories. Selena finds herself so hot that she can’t help but put her hand down and start masturbating. Avi notices and thinks her friend’s pussy is super hot. She suggests that they try to masturbate at the same time and come together. Selena agrees and so the two girls lie together, each working themselves up to a climax. Unbeknownst to both of them, they’re being spied on by Avi’s stepbrother, Codey Steele, who’s also masturbating. Selena eventually notices that Codey is there, but she finds it hot as hell, so she keeps going.

The girls achieve their goal of coming in tandem, and Codey can’t wait another moment. He bursts into the room to see if Selena will let him fuck her. Avi is having none of it, but Selena is intrigued: that’s not the answer Avi wants to hear. She insists that she can make her boyfriend cum better than Codey can, so the two of them get to work trying to prove to Selena that they’re the best. Codey whips out his fuck stick, but Avi is masterful with her mouth. Eventually Avi is so lost in her sensual haze that she invites Codey to bang her as well. By the time the girls have had enough, Avi is in love with the idea of her stepbrother giving her a facial so she can share a juicy kiss with her boyfriend.


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