Codi Vore in the restaurant

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Some dude had the audacity to stand up Codi Vore. What idiot on earth would pass up her luscious amazing self and tits. Well, Codi is not one to go home without, so when she leaves the restaurant with all the men staring at this female all alone, she finally does what her GFs have been telling her about. That is to go to the Glory Hole to get her needs met. It does not take long for one of the cocks to appear and it is bigger than anything the boy had to offer.

After a few seconds of sucking, she decides to call the loser and let him hear what he is missing. He is so surprised that he wants to hear it now so she hangs up. That fat cock she knows will feel so much better in her pussy she bets and slides right down on it to prove it. A few orgasms later she calls the loser boy back and tells him how good that cock feels fucking her pussy. Codi gets as much as she can from this secret penis. Several good cums later and she falls back to her knees possessed with milking that cock until it explodes all over her face and huge breasts. When a girl is in trouble, the Glory Hole is the place to go.


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