Cute student Sandra Wellness is on a seductive mission

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Cute student Sandra Wellness is on a seductive mission as she struts up to Leo Dee wearing just a bra and panties. Leo quickly strips his lusty girlfriend and lays her on the bed for a bare pussy feast that leaves her writhing and moaning. When Sandra returns the favour by wrapping her warm puffy lips around his stiffie and sucking it like a pro, Leo knows he’s in for a great afternoon.Climbing on top of Leo, Sandra slowly sinks down until his stiffie has filled her and she’s ready to start moving her hips. Their ride gets faster and hotter the longer it goes on, and gets even more delightful when Sandra turns around for some reverse cowgirl action.

When she needs a break, Leo is happy to spoon with her as he drives in and out of her soft pussy and a doggy style pussy pounding is just what Sandra needs to finally find the satisfaction she craves. The feeling of Leo’s balls slapping against her ass brings her to climax, a feeling she is happy to help Leo experience as well. Using her soft lips once again, she sucks off her boyfriend, not stopping until she has swallowed every last drop of his cum.


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