I Bet Youre Wet

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Logan Long has two broken arms, so his sister Mrs Faris has to help him. Logan claims he feels dirty and wants a sponge bath. This disgusts Ms Faris, but her friend Chloe Cherry seems fine with helping Logan. Chloe realises that Logan needs to be cleaned below the waist as well, so she pulls down his pyjamas to get started. She can’t believe the size of Logan’s dick! Eventually he gets a hard-on from all the attention. Mrs Faris looks over and sees the size of her stepbrother’s boner. Chloe can’t believe that such a big dick isn’t making Ms Faris wet, so she insists on checking it out. Ms Faris lifts her miniskirt and pulls her panties aside, Chloe notices that Ms Faris is kind of wet and then announces that even if Ms Faris isn’t interested, Chloe is going to try out this nice dick. She leans forward and starts sucking!

Eventually Ms Faris gets tired of being left out and joins Chloe on the bed to reluctantly give Logan a handjob. She has to admit that her stepbrother does have a nice cock. The next thing Ms Faris knows, Chloe has taken her clothes off and is sliding her hairy bottom down onto Logan’s dick so she can ride it! Again, Ms Faris resists, but she can’t stand to see her friend having fun with such a nice dick. Eventually she strips off and joins in the fun, first riding Chloe’s mouth as Chloe bangs her stepbrother. Then she takes a ride on Logan’s fuck stick while Chloe sits astride his face so he can eat her out. The girls switch places so that Chloe can get back on the stiffie while Logan tastes his stepsister’s desire. When they’re finally satisfied, the girls give Logan a double BJ until he jerks off in both of their open mouths. Now that Logan has gotten some sexual relief, he’s dirty again and needs to be cleaned up by Chloe.


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