Katya Rodriguez and the Road Trip

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Katya Rodriguez and her stepbrother Brad Sterling continue their family road trip. This time they stop to pick up their adopted cousin Lily Rader to take her to college. Lily immediately starts flirting with Brad, thinking Katya is asleep. She flashes her tits at him and soon joins him in the bunk he’s lying in. Soon Brad is finger-banging her hairy pussy. He whips out his dick and slides into her from behind, pushing Brad down into the chair at the bottom of the RV and Lily jumps back on her cousin’s dick so she can ride his hardon while rubbing her clit. He brings her down, pounding her pussy until her whole body is bucking from the force of her climax. Then she drops to her knees to suck Brad off. At the last moment, Lily’s hand strokes his boner, bringing Brad to cum while his dick is aimed all over Katya’s face.

She lets it be known that she’s awake, but her cousin is there to lick her clean, and now that the two girls have started touching each other, they’re both open to some threesome action with Brad. They work together to give him another blowjob, then take turns riding his dick. They then alternate which girl gets to have her pussy pounded on her back while the other girl eats it out. Brad fucks Lily so hard she can’t help but explode again! Moments later he cums inside her to fill her with a hot creampie. The rest of the trip is spent in companionable silence.


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