Lacy Lennon and her friend Liz Jordan are enjoying a game

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Lacy Lennon and her friend Liz Jordan are enjoying a game of poker when Lacy’s stepbrother, Jay Romero, arrives to harass them. The girls give him a hard time, but eventually decide to let him play cards with them. They agree to play poker, but with a hot stepsister and her hot boyfriend, Jay insists they up the stakes and play strip poker. It’s not long before Lacy loses a hand and has to pull up her skirt, revealing that she’s not wearing any panties. Lacy and Jay are both quite embarrassed, but Liz is really into it. She starts by getting the stepsiblings to look at each other, and then encourages them to do more than just look. With Liz’s guidance, it’s not long before Jay finds himself buried deep inside Lacy’s greedy cooch.

With Lacy on her knees anyway, she gives in to Liz’s urging and starts licking her friend’s pussy. Liz doesn’t let Lacy have all the fun with Jay’s dick/ She gets on her back and pulls Lacy onto her face so she can eat her friend out as Jay bangs her. Then Lacy mirrors Liz’s previous position as Lacy sits on her tongue and Jay fucks her tight twat. Liz gets a stiffie ride as Jay takes a seat. When she jumps off the D, Lacy takes her place for a cowgirl fuck. Satisfied, the girls finish Jay off by working together to blow him until he rewards them both with a big load which they share with a deep kiss.


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