Lilly Larimar and her friend Kyler Quinn are trying to stay Fit

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Lilly Larimar and her friend Kyler Quinn are trying to stay fit, so they get together a few times a week to do yoga in Lilly’s bedroom. The girls wear sports bras and briefs as they do their stretches. When Lilly’s stepbrother, Codey Steele, walks in on the girls doing their thing, he decides to tease them about their small breasts by calling their sports bras training bras. Instead of being offended, the girls take the opportunity to show Codey their small breasts. Just looking at them gives Codey a hard-on. When Kyler realises that Codey is hard, she crawls across her yoga mat to get it out. She opens her mouth wide and starts sucking on it. At first Lilly is disgusted by the way her boyfriend and stepbrother are going at it, but when Codey puts his mouth to work licking Kyler’s twat and then shoving his dick into her bald twat, Lilly finds it sexier than she expected. She can’t help but masturbate as she watches Kyler getting her pussy pounded, and Kyler is happy to share. She helps Lilly on her hands and knees so that Codey can fuck her in doggy style.

The two girls are experts at sharing so they lay Codey down and get on top of him. First Lilly makes sure Kyler is nicely impaled on the D and then she climbs on Codey’s face so she can ride his mouth. The girls swap places, with Lilly rocking on Codey’s fuck stick in reverse cowgirl while Kyler indulges in some face sitting. Once the girls are completely sated, they drop to their knees and work together to suck Codey off. He pops into their open mouths, leaving them with a salty treat to enjoy.


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