Our girl Mila is in a dilemma

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Our girl Mila is in a dilemma. Her GF wants to bring a guy into her bedroom and she has never had a dick before. She wants to make her happy more than anything, so she decides to dip her toe in the water, so to speak, by going to the local glory hole. Mila thinks it might be easier if she only has to deal with them as dicks first and then she can do the real thing with her GF.

She is cautious at first, smelling him as he comes through the hole, then a lick and she immediately thinks this might be something she has missed out on. A few minutes in and she cannot help but notice that these dicks are so much better than her dildos. She even works up the courage to fuck them. After that she is hooked for good and knows deep down that she is now a cock whore forever.


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