Sarah Jessie had one of those nights

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Sarah had one of those nights where she tossed and turned, her pretty little head filled with naughty thoughts. The next day, while getting dressed for her boring old job, she realized that she had picked out something extra slutty. By the time lunch rolled around, she was all worked up and not sure what to do. The bathroom stall at work would not be able to contain the moans she needed to make. She remembered her GF telling her about the Glory Hole and how a girl could get her needs met without the usual fuss. When she walked into the place, she was all tingly and felt her slut energy building up.

Stroking her pussy for just a second, a huge long cock pokes through the wall. She only hesitates for a moment and then she is on it fast. Her outfit falls by the wayside until she is just on her stockinged knees like a good girl drooling all over herself. She knows she will go back to work covered in sex and she hopes everyone can tell she has been a slut. Finding new ways to fuck in a glory hole, she is determined to get that dick as far in as she can. And when the load bubbles up she is right there to suck and swallow her mess. Wait till the girls find out.


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