Stepbrother You Got Me Pregnant

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Natalia Queen knocks on her stepbrother Brad Sterling’s door to tell him that they fucked a month ago when Brad was drunk out of his mind, and now she’s pregnant. She suggests that they tell Brad’s mother, Claudia Monet, over breakfast. At the breakfast table, Natalia urges Brad to share her secret, but Brad refuses to be bullied. Claudia gets up to get a drink, which gives Natalia a chance to try and persuade Brad to tell her. He refuses, so Natalia pushes the issue by approaching Brad and asking if Claudia has noticed how well they get along. Natalia then drops some silverware and asks Brad to pick it up, as she shouldn’t be doing that in her condition. While Brad is under the table, Natalia makes sexy gestures to him. Some time later, Natalia calls her friend to tell her how successful her prank was. Natalia’s friend suggests that Natalia convince Brad that they should get married and practice sleeping together.

The friend wants embarrassing pictures. Natalia agrees to try, so she puts on her pyjamas and waits in Brad’s bed to tell him. He tries to tell her to get out, but instead Natalia takes off her shirt and asks if he wants to see her like this every day. Then she lies back and shows him her meaty bare pussy. Natalia films Brad undressing, but she drops her phone and goes to find it. That’s when Brad slides into her tight pussy from behind. Natalia wasn’t expecting it to go this far, but once she gets a taste of Brad’s dick she’s super into it. She takes it doggy style, moaning her pleasure the whole time. Then she gets on her back and lifts her legs up in the air so Brad can pound them. After a quick BJ, Natalia climbs onto Brad’s fuck stick and rides him as her tan lined tits bounce. He holds her in place with his big hands on her hips, pistoning in and out of her until he answers her pleas to come inside her. Satisfied with her creampie, Natalia admits the whole pregnancy was a big joke.


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