Whatever my step-sister wants to Do

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Savannah Sixx knows she can do whatever she wants to her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, and her stepbrother’s father, Chris Valiant, will blame Tyler. She takes advantage of this every chance she gets. First, she decides to wash the windows in a pair of tiny shorts and a white shirt that becomes transparent when she pours water on herself. Tyler cannot look away from the sight of Savannah’s tits. Once she’s sure that Tyler has a hard-on, Savannah comes in and tries to touch it. The moment Tyler stops resisting her advances, Savannah calls him a pervert and gets him busted by Chris.Later, Tyler is in the pool when Savannah joins him wearing only a tiny bikini.

She knows that Chris is sleeping on the veranda, so she has the perfect opportunity to screw Tyler again. She takes off her bikini and teases him with her big breasts and full ass. This time Tyler manages to avoid getting into trouble with his stepsister’s antics, but his luck runs out when Savannah doubles down on her teasing. She approaches Tyler while he’s doing his homework and makes it clear she won’t take no for an answer as she pulls up her miniskirt and starts fingering her pussy in front of her brother. He lets Savannah impale herself on his cock as he remains in the chair.

At the end of her stiffie ride, Savannah gets on her knees to stroke Tyler’s dick as she sucks him off. A titty fuck keeps his interest piqued as Savannah then gets up and bends over the table so Tyler can fuck her from behind. She jumps on the chair so that Tyler can continue to pound on her greedy twat, Savannah getting louder with each stroke. Tyler has just popped a nut all over Savannah’s pussy hair landing strip when his dad comes in to investigate the commotion and flips out at Tyler when he finds the two step siblings naked together.


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