Aria Banks and the Fooball players

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Who else was summoned to see the Dean of Students but little Aria Banks. That cold-ass bitch of a dean had the audacity to scold her for being too promiscuous on campus. Well, Aria decided to show her what a slut she could be and went down to the football players’ frat house where she heard they had a glory hole.

She got right to work playing with herself and tapping on the hole begging for the cock to come serve her. This place had a dark and dirty feel to it, just the way she wanted to feel inside. And stick that big cock in her holes she did. Sucking it like she wanted it off the bone and milking it with her pussy like she was dying for it. Finally, she sat down with purpose to jack that cock off so it would cream all over her face and tits. If only the Dean could see her now.


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