Danielle Derek is an expert sex Laborer

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Danielle Derek is an expert sex laborer, and like all specialists when all is said in done, she’s out searching for a gig! Turns out there’s a nearby naughty book shop that bills itself as a “superstore”, which means there’s the front of the store, which highlights DVD’s, sex toys, unmentionables and lubes; somewhat further back, there’s a stripper post and stage; further yet there’s windowed stalls where women perform pussy bother appears behind a window; and yes…all the route back, in the “guts” of the store sits a video arcade.

Danielle will do everything! The representative needs to ensure Danielle’s a client “pleaser”, so he’s going to give her a definitive “prospective employee meeting”: walk her back to corner #5 in the video arcade! On the off chance that Danielle can satisfy a client back there, without ever truly knowing who that client is, well…Danielle’s employed! What’s more, prepare to have your mind blown. She breezes through the prospective employee meeting without a hitch! Simply watch and see!!


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